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Mike Gorgone | UX Architect / Designer



Seeking UX opportunities in the Atlanta and Columbus Ohio areas

My Story

I am someone who loves being part of a creative, supportive and collaborative design team that builds engaging experiences for digital products at a company that fosters a culture that values design thinking and makes it a priority in how the company runs and solves problems.

Even with 20+ years in the software industry, the last 4+ in User Experience, I’m always learning. Iam endlessly fascinated by the UX process and how research and strategy when done right can make a project soar, and when done poorly (or worse…not done at all) can bring it crashing to the ground

Why I went into UX...

To be a part of a collaborative, supportive and creative team

To create and build things that help people be better at whatever it is they’re trying to do

To be a thought leader and strategic planner

To bring the two worlds of UX and Improvisation

My UX Skills Journey

Web UI Development

Site Analysis, IA, Wireframing, HTML Prototyping

User Survey, Visual Design

Thought Leadership

My UX Future

Strategy and Leadership

User Research

Journey/Empathy/User stories & mapping

Recent Work
Its important to feel good about your work, here are some projects that do just that

Cox Automotive Serebro Mobile App

UX Architect. Our team implemented a re-working of the existing Serbro mobile App's IA, IxD and visual design.

The rest of the story...

Cox Automotive EOC

UX Architect. Our team implemented the responsive framework for an Angular JS implementation of the Enterprise Operations Center's IT Scorecard website. The site used Google Charts for display purposes and those sample charts are implemented in the prototype.

Samples from this project

Here are some links to the version 1 wireframe/layout screenshots (created with Omnigraffle) and final HTML/CSS/JQuery-JS prototype created after feedback and revisions to the wireframes.

HTML Prototype


Landing Incidents - Desktop

Landing Incidents - Mobile

Landing Operations - Desktop

Landing Operations - Mobile

Solution Incidents - Desktop

Solution Operations - Desktop

Solution Tests - Desktop

Data Services - Engineering Data Hub

The Data Services Engineering Data Hub is a location for all public facing Cox Automotive websites to house all of their data (logs, database information, analtyics etc.). The site needed a complete redesign and is being done in phases. Listed here is the work done for phase 1.

Here are some links to the phase 1 wireframes and visual design updates.

EDH Wireframes

EDH Visual Design

Cox Automotive - Infographics

These were a challenge to myself to take on something I had never tried to do before. I produced some infographics for my director at Cox Automotive. The infographics were used for planning and status meetings.

Infographic PDFs

F&I Incidents

F&I Outages

Network Outages

Incident Management Workflow Infographic 1

Incident Management Workflow Infographic 2

Incident Management Workflow Infographic 3

Incident Management Workflow Infographic 4

Incident Management Towers Infographic 5

Incident Management Severity Matrix Infographic

Incident Management RCA Timeline Infographic

Analog Digital

UX Architect. Our team implemented the responsive framework for Analog Digital's online version of Analog Dialogue.

Samples from this project

Here are some links to the wireframes and final visual comp (NOTE: I did not do the visual design) along with an annotations with a short project summary and description of the wireframes.

Axure Wireframes

Wireframe Annotations PDF

Visual Comps

The final product LIVE!


New York Life

UX Architect. Content and site analysis of New York Life's existing AARP quote estimator and application site to convert it to a responsive design that worked on mobile and desktop.

Samples from this project

Here are some links to the wireframes along with supporting documentation. The first document is a summray of the project. The 2nd and 3rd documents are the site analysis I did on the existing NYL site and a test site they were developing. The final document is a breakdown of the wireframes

Axure Wireframes

Axure Wireframes w/ Sign-up Wizard

Project Summary PDF

Site Analysis PDF

Test Site Analysis PDF

Wireframe Analysis PDF


Have you ever wondered how Improvisation and User Experience are connected? Well now you can discover how Improvisation helps support and teach skills that help make YOU a better UX practioner.

Check out the ImprovUX blog for posts that are informative, entertaining and get you wanting to participate in exercises that are fun AND educational.

UX Architect | WEB UI Developer

Digital marketing consultation & implementation using responsive frameworks that result in an audience focused rich UX Experience.

My work day revolves around projects like these. Here are some of the companies I've worked with
  • Cox Automotive Serebro Mobile App
  • Cox Automotive EOC IT Scorecard
  • Cox Automotive Enterprise Data Hub
  • Analog Dialogue
  • New York Life - AARP
  • New York Life - Whole Life
  • Bass Pro Shops - Tracker Marine
  • DTCC
  • Boeing
  • Ameren
  • Blue Cross / Blue Shield
  • Quintiles
  • Cardinal Health
  • Transunion
  • NRDC

Let's Talk!

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